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Angels, Demons, and Devils

Known Mythology

When Eth breathed, Time began, for Eth is Time. With Time came Truth, and with Truth came the Primeval Elements and the Hexadine – beings of balance with no Will of their own, and no Knowledge of Good and Evil.

These six Truths – Life, Death, Day, Night, Vice, and Virtue – the Hexadine watched over and maintained. With the six Truths, Time birthed the Mortals. Mortals, being bound by the six Truths, were born with Will. With that Will came Magic.

It is said that it was Men that first used Magic, or that the secret was passed to them by an unknown source. Elves argue that the Art was discovered by them first, but even if it was not, they certainly perfected it. The Dwarves remained suspicious of this power, and remained loyal to the Hexadine, though some studied the Art to master the Primeval, and to understand its dangers.

Both Elves and Men claim that Volokai, the Archmage, was one of their race. Regardless, Volokai mastered the Art greater and more completely than any who had come before him, and in an extremely short time. It was His power that showed the true essence and purpose of the Art, and that Mortals could overcome the Six Truths and that their Will could become greater than them. Volokai himself sought to overcome Death more than any other force. In promising everlasting life, it was not long before he had many followers before him.

From the very beginning of the birth of Mortals, the Lady of Night, Maera, had been enchantedly curious about them. In particular, she lusted for their Knowledge of Good and Evil. This Lust was noticed by Malas, the Master of Vice, who could do nothing but encourage her insatiable curiosity. It was not until the emergence of Volokai that this Lust could be realized, however.

And so it was that Maera and Malas conspired with Volokai to usurp the power of Life from Sebhaelus and cast him out of the Hexadine, freeing those who chose to walk the path of the Mage from the grip of Death, and raising Volokai to the ranks of the Hexadine. Achieving true immortality, the Mage had gotten what He had always desired. In return, he gave the Hexadine mankind’s knowledge of Good and Evil.

Reading the mythology as an outsider, one would suspect that


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